4 Wheeler Passenger open Coach set

Simple 4 wheeler Passenger open coach set, suitable for any small 16mm scale battery or Live Steam Locomotive

The Model is handcrafted in brass, and steel.

  • Scale: 16mm=1 foot or 1:19
  • Wheel Gauge: 32mm/45mm (factory set)
  • Length=160mm, Width=80mm, Height=128mm(above Railtop)
  • Minimum turning radius: 600mm
  • Cast & machined brass fittings
  • Detailed brass body work, with working doors
  • Fitted with Mamod style couplers
  • All windows are glazed
  • Internal lighting using grain of wheat lamps
  • Snap-fit magnetic roofs
  • G1MRA standard steel wheels on spring steel axles
  • Axle boxes have bronze bush bearings and have oiler holes for lubrication
  • Available as a set of 2 cars
  • Each set is shipped in its own plywood storage case

Available paint schemes: RAL1003, RAL3011, RAL7001 & RAL6024

Price per set of 2 cars: INR10000/- + shipping  (WWS)

Availability: Currently available 

Item Code: P4WCS

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