JNR Class DD51 diesel electric Locomotive (Limited edition product)

JNR's iconic powerhouse, the Class DD51 Diesel Electric Locomotive has been modelled in all brass in 1:30 scale. A very unique prototype with 3 bogies/trucks. A work of art.

The Model is handcrafted in brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel. These are Limited edition products and are true collectors items.

  • Scale: 1/30
  • Wheel Gauge: 45mm 
  • Set consists of 2 locomotives : a powered and a free-rolling dummy
  • L= 575mm (over buffer beams) ; H= 135mm (from railtop) ; W= 98mm; Weight: 8 kilograms (powered) / 7.6kilograms (dummy)
  • Minimum turning radius: 1000mm
  • Cast/machined brass handrails, radiator grills, headlamp, running boards, latches, exhaust covers, hatches, engine room doors, steps, truck/bogie sideframes, brake rigging, snow plough, buffers, smoke stacks, hydraulics, sand boxes, vents, battery box covers, air horns etc.
  • Detailed Photo-etched brass body work, with louvers, rivet work, latches, hinges and radiators
  • Fitted with Aster knuckle couplers
  • All windows are glazed as in prototype
  • Operational cab doors
  • Track power with sprung carbon pickups on all 3 bogies
  • Sprung silver soldered bogies
  • Powered version has two high torque 0-24v DC motors with all brass reduction gear drives
  • Internal cab lighting using grain of wheat lamps
  • Directional head & marker LED lights
  • Working exhaust fans, and synchronised multi cylinder diesel sound
  • Snap-fit magnetic cab roof for easy access
  • G1MRA standard stainless steel wheels on spring steel axles
  • Photo-etched brass builder and number plates
  • Axle boxes have bronze bush bearings and oiler holes for lubrication
  • Sets are uniquely serialed
  • Each set is shipped in its own plywood storage case

Available paint schemes: JNR Orange and deep Blue

Item Code: PDD51

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